The days of plastic bags are limited, so these are perfect for grocery shopping. Use these to weight and/or pack fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, grains etc...and all types of groceries.



100% cotton


Set of 3 sizes: 

Small  8 x 10 in

Medium 10 x 12 in

Large 13 x 17 in

How to use:

Bring veggies, fruits, seeds and grains home "naked" in these bags.

Barely weigh anything on the scale. Use drawstrings to close them.


Single-use plastic bags and grocery bags


Machine wash cold, hang dry

End of life:

100% compostable


Ecobags - CottonMart

What We Like:

These bags are totally breathable, so the food they hold remains fresh,

and they can also go in the fridge!

Bulk & produce bags