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6 tips for a plastic free picnic

Summer is here and after a couple months of lock-down, many of us feel the need to reconnect with nature and spend time in the outdoors. Something you don’t want to forget about when planning a day out is: food of course!

Here are some tips & alternatives to single-use plastics that will help you plan your next picnic while keeping up with your new sustainable lifestyle.

Photo by Liana Mikah

1- Home cook your feast

By preparing your picnic treats from whole & fresh products you will eliminate any excessive packaging. Enjoying a fresh salad or tasty homemade sandwich will feel so satisfying and you might actually make some of your friends jealous ;). You will inspire them for their next picnic!

2- BYOB(s) for "Bring Your Own Bottle & Bags"

Did you know that plastic bags have an average lifespan of 12 minutes before being discarded? Pretty much the same for plastic bottles. By bringing your own reusable bottle and using cotton tote and produce bags to carry all your treats you will eliminate already a good portion of unnecessary waste.

Zelo reusable bottle will keep your drink cold and that makes a big difference when it's 90°F outside!

3- Goodbye plastic cutlery

Plastic cutlery is a very difficult item to recycle, it breaks, it’s ugly, I could go on and on.. :) Take your own cutlery from home or carry your reusable bamboo cutlery kit with you.

4- Ditch the cling

Instead of wrapping your sandwiches, muffins and other snacks in cling film, use beeswraps. You can also use them to store any leftovers you bring home and thus minimize food waste.

5- Keep the little ones away

I am talking about insects :) You might want to limit the use of toxic products and opt for natural alternatives instead. Make it totally eco-friendly by choosing products that come with plastic free packaging. We love this citronella candle or this repellent lotion bar.

6- Don't forget your trash

Lastly, it is easy to finish in a rush and leave bits of waste behind. Make sure to pick up all of your trash and leave no footprint behind after you are finished. If there are no bins around, take the waste back to your home or drop it in a bin you find on your way back.

Enjoy your picnic this way and share these tips around, the Earth will thank you <3

Photo by Carolina Marinelli

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