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Image by Charlie Hlavac

The Problem: Plastic is indestructible

Every item of plastic that has ever been created

is still with us on the planet today.

More than 8 million tons of plastic trash

are dumped into our oceans every year. 

Plastic waste pieces break up into much smaller bits,

which pollute our ocean, kill animals and harm human health.

When we look closer...

Image by Karina Tess
Used Plastic Bottle on Beach
Image by Brian Yurasits


of plastic produced is packaging, used once and then thrown away.


of beach litter worldwide is plastic


of all birds and fish have plastic particles in their stomach.

Our Solution:

Say hello to ZELO: your essential products to take the first steps to low-waste living.

Our goal is to bring convenience to a more sustainable lifestyle, putting the daily essentials in one place. With reusable that help reduce the amount of plastic waste and packaging sent to the landfill and oceans, you have a positive environmental impact​.

We believe in small individual steps, saving the world one plastic item at a time!

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